Terms & Conditions

Your use of this website constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions, please do not view or use this website.


Ritz Flowers and Balloons does not guarantee delivery times for items ordered. Deliveries are made when we schedule the items for deliveries, regardless of delivery request times or dates. Requests for specific delivery dates and times will be accomodated as closely as possible, but because we serve a large area, no guarantees are made that your order will be delivered at a specific time. If no delivery date is specified when you make your order, Ritz will deliver as soon as possible with the next outgoing batch of deliveries.

We are open Mondays to Saturdays. Deliveries that are scheduled to fall on a day when Ritz is closed will be delivered on the next working day. Ritz reserves the right to reschedule deliveries without prior notice in case of bad weather and other events beyond our control.

Ritz closes on these dates:

  • January 1 (New Year's Day)
  • April 8, 9 and 10 (Holy Week)
  • November 1 and 2 (All Souls' Day and All Saints' Day)
  • December 25 (Christmas Day)

No deliveries will be made on these dates. Deliveries which are due to fall on these dates will be delivered on the next working day.


Ritz charges fees for deliveries to certain areas. If a customer fails to include the appropriate delivery fee for his order, his order will be put on hold and he will be informed via e-mail. He can then opt to send the correct delivery fee, or choose to have his recipient pick the item up at our shop.

Guide to delivery areas and corresponding fees can be viewed when you browse through each product.


Because of the perishable nature of the products that we offer, all items ordered are final once the order is processed and delivered. No refunds will be given for cancellations once an order has been processed. If the amount paid is not enough to cover the total for the items ordered (including delivery fees), Ritz Flowers and Balloons reserves the right to hold delivery until full payment is made.

Should a refund become necessary for whatever reason, Ritz Flowers and Balloons reserves the right to deduct remittance fees, bank fees or any other applicable fees made to third parties from the total amount refundable. The item ordered must be returned in its original packaging (unopened and/or unconsumed) and in its original condition before a refund can be issued, and the request to cancel the order should be emailed to us on or before the delivery date.


To ensure that you get the flower colors that you want, please send payments three (3) days before the delivery date. Ritz reserves the right to use other decorative accents, containers, colors, flowers, balloons or other materials that are better or the same in value (depending on availability of stock) if your original choices are not available. We give you our guarantee that replacements will always be carefully chosen to complement the overall arrangement.


When paying with your credit card, all sales are SECURELY handled by Paypal, and therefore certain parts of the checkout process cannot be controlled by Ritz. Should any errors occur that result in erroneous billing on your credit card bill, please let us know immediately so that we can check for any discrepancy. Ritz does not and will never store your credit card information. The information that we ask you to give us pertains only to your account and order details. Credit card payment details are sent directly to and handled by Paypal. Ritz does not and will never have access to your credit card details.


Ritz is strongly anti-SPAM. We respect the privacy of our customers, and will never disclose any information that you give us to any third parties. Any e-mail addresses, card messages, delivery addresses, and other information that you give us in the course of your order or the creation of your account will be held in the strictest confidentiality, and will only be used by Ritz to transmit information to you in relation to your order or your account.

By creating an account with Ritz or sending e-mail to Ritz, you agree to allow Ritz to use this information to contact you at anytime regarding your account, your order, or any product offerings that Ritz may have. We give you our word that we will only restrict our communications to matters which we feel are important.


Ritz reserves the right to make changes to these terms and conditions at anytime without prior notice. For comments or suggestions, please send us an e-mail. We would love to hear from you!